Livestock Supplies

Sourcing healthy commercial or pedigree livestock direct from a farm at an ‘up-front & agreed price’ is one of the many reasons British dairy farmers take the decision to import from Continental Europe.

Devoid of T.B. and in the case if Holland, a well established compulsory Johnes eradication programme implemented nationwide since 2011, farmers wishing to either re-stock after a T.B. outbreak, expand or are simply flying herds, have for many years successfully taken this approach.

Cattle Genie Limited would like to draw your attention to a long standing, well respected supplier of either freshly calved and in-calf cows and heifers to the U.K.

European – Livestock is a family run business based in Holland. We’ve had the pleasure of doing business with this company many times over the years and in my past life of dairy farming.

The U.K. arm of their business is a name many of you here in Great Britain will be familiar with, Europon enables U.K. farmers to purchase animals in pounds sterling and is based here in the U.K.



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